A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A small project I made for a unity course, and also my first unity game that I consider finished.

Inspired by Town of Salem and Slaughter Horse for the gameplay and Space Station 13 for the setting (you should definitely try those games if you haven't, they're free).

You're the captain of a space station and you must use the abilities of your loyal crew members to uncover those behind a murder spree before it's too late.


Code and Art:


Sound and Music:

Menu Selection Click by NenadSimic
Dbl Click.mp3 by 7778
Menu FX 02 by Nightflame
Sci-Fi tannoy sound effect by Moistgoatman
Space Station Ambiance (With Chords) by RobboStar


Install instructions

Extract the folder inside, and run the executable called "and only the stars remained".


stars 0.5.rar 23 MB

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